How to end damaging thoughts by visualizing God sitting on your shoulders by humming

Negative thoughts prevent you from experiencing the bliss of visualizing God sitting on your shoulders by humming.

They immediately draw you towards self-harm.

There are two kinds of damaging thoughts:

1) Intentional or premeditated thoughts, through which we willingly pre-plan to indulge in deliberate words and deeds that are harmful to ourselves or others.

2) Thoughts that hit us unexpectedly and overwhelm us with cravings for unhealthy and harmful indulgence due to our pre-conditioning, even though we had no previous intention to think of them or indulge in them.

Obviously, the first kind of planned harmful thinking is more damaging of the two, as it reeks of our inherent deceit and cunningness towards ourselves and others. As a result, getting rid of it is more complicated.

Non-intentional sudden damaging thoughts of the second kind, on the other hand, may also be quite destructive.

For the simple reason that, if not halted, such unplanned and unabated detours into hazardous indulgence may become chronically recurrent and, therefore, ultimately develop into an addiction to indulge in premeditated harmful desires, which will exacerbate your perilous situation even more.

Deliberate harmful thoughts are manifestations of our deep-rooted and chronic envious nature to harm ourselves and others.

These deeply entrenched and premeditated cravings for lower harmful pleasures can only be eradicated gradually over time through the higher pleasure you will get in visualizing God sitting on your shoulders by humming.

The unpredictable flashes of our mental pre-conditioning cause the second kind of unexpected and unintentional damaging thoughts.

Keeping them at bay and ultimately defeating them requires being in God’s much more pleasurable presence all the time by visualizing Him sitting on your shoulders by humming.

You need to consume spiritual pleasure of being in God’s presence continuously to overcome your deeply encoded desires for lower harmful pleasure. No other mechanical tricks or techniques will work.

As soon as you experience a moment of forgetfulness of God sitting on your shoulders, your mind seizes on it and pushes you to act on those unplanned, harmful thoughts as quickly as possible before you can even try to say no to the self-destructive indulgence.

Only by progressively reducing these weakest times in your day by constantly being absorbed in the ecstatic thoughts of God sitting on your shoulders in the background of your consciousness, while efficiently doing your day-to-day work, will you be able to solve this problem.

Beware of your mind, as it will certainly rebel when you try to control it.

Your mind has become so conditioned and addicted to these two kinds of harmful thoughts that it rebels vehemently and gives you a severe backlash by apparently “increasing” your unhealthy cravings as soon as you try to curb these deeply ingrained harmful thoughts.

As soon as you start cleaning a dusty, old room, you’ll temporarily notice more dirt flying about since it’s been there for a long time. This does not imply that your efforts to sanitize the space have made it dirtier.

When trying to decrease consumption of an addictive substance, we suffer severe withdrawal symptoms similar to those experienced when quitting a heroin habit.

It’s like a buzzed monkey who becomes crazier when blindfolded.

Even as you are experiencing the sublime pleasure of visualizing God sitting on our shoulders by humming, this terrible mental backlash may deprive you of that higher pleasure and pull you down into the disastrous effects of excessive harmful indulgence if you are not careful.

It’s as if you can’t stop ourselves from scratching an itch even when you don’t need to.

Still, you scratch it anyway for no reason other than sheer amusement, even though you are fully aware that it will become a terrible wound.

Even when you have reached the very shores of the limitless ocean of ambrosial nectar in visualizing God on your shoulders by humming, this rebellion of your mind may somehow draw you away.

As the saying goes, there are many slips between the cup and the lip. By the way, that is one of my favorite quotes.

So again, the only permanent solution for this is to intensify the quality and quantity of your visualization of God sitting on our shoulders by humming before, after, and during the weakest moments of your day, which generally arise during the peak of your outward activities, as they carry the highest probability of making you forget to visualize God on your shoulders by humming.

Remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest point.

And prevention is always superior to later treatment and cure.

As a result, setting aside time each day to visualize God on your shoulders by humming is like receiving a vaccination that will protect you from both these kinds of harmful thoughts for the rest of the day and night.

This dedicated practice also makes it much easier to visualize God in your background awareness even while performing your most mentally-taxing duties, even if you can’t hum at that time. Your mind gets tuned as your best friend by imagining God on your shoulders by humming.

It’s important to remember that only the sustained higher pleasure relished in the loving thoughts of visualizing God sitting on your shoulders by humming can keep these two types of dangerous thoughts at bay and progressively eliminate them.

When all of these negative thoughts have been eradicated from your subconscious, your mind will no longer hold you back from continuously savoring the endless delights of blissfully visualizing and basking in the direct presence of God sitting on your shoulders by humming. You will carry Him everywhere and your mind will revel in His loving embrace. You will see God sitting on others’ shoulders too and loving them.

Your mind will then truly become your most excellent friend every minute and in fact demand that you continue giving it the immense joy of visualizing God on your shoulders by humming throughout your life.

So which is better? You forcing the mind to visualize God, or the mind pleading with you to give it more and more divine pleasure of visualizing God on your shoulders by humming?

If you train your mind this way, you’ll undoubtedly attain the platform of uninterrupted bliss in visualizing God sitting on your shoulders by humming for the rest of your life while remaining very effective and even becoming successful in your day-to-day tasks.

So, freedom from negativity is just a question of determinedly cultivating the right qualitative and quantitative amount of mental practice of visualizing God sitting on your shoulders by humming, hearing, or in silence as explained here.

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