12 tips on how I hum to visualize God on my shoulders

  1. I visualize and feel that my favorite form of God is sitting on my shoulders with His legs hanging on both sides of my chest. You can visualize any shoulder-sitting form of God you love.
  2. I hum a very audible steady unvarying monotonic sound that helps me visualize God’s form sitting on my shoulders clearly. I ensure that the duration of each hum does not make me breathless even slightly. The below 3,4, and 5 are most important:
  3. Though my humming sound is produced by my throat, I visualize that the humming sound is coming from my nose and going through the air and touching the limbs of God’s form sitting on my shoulders. I do not focus on my throat at all. This helps me visualize God’s shoulder-sitting form above my head more clearly. It adds an unique moving height dimension to my visualization.
  4. I keep both my arms hanging down while humming, whether I am sitting or walking, for even more clear visualization of God sitting on my shoulders.
  5. I keep my front top and bottom teeth a little separated inside my closed mouth as I hum. Opening my mouth even slightly or talking or singing even softly while humming considerably decreases the clarity of my visualization of God on my shoulders and its blissful after-effects throughout the day and night.
  6. I do not focus on my inhalation or exhalation at all. Both of them happen unconsciously and without any strain or breathlessness, along with my humming and visualization of God on my shoulders.
  7. I visualize God sitting on my shoulders when I hum with my back upright.
  8. I visualize my head in God’s lap when I hum while lying down.
  9. Sometimes while humming, when it is hard to visualize God’s form on my shoulders, I envision touching any of God’s limbs by physically moving my hand or hands over His visualized form sitting on my shoulders. However, most of the time, I don’t do this as it distracts me from my one-pointed immersion in the mentally projected form of God on my shoulders. Instead, I visualize God touching me. However, for some people or during tired times, this touching may not be a distraction at all but actually help in visualizing.
  10. I do not listen to any spiritual sounds or music since I am already listening to my own humming voice while simultaneously visualizing God sitting on my shoulders. The more I hum, the more my throat is soothed, and the more vividly I can see and feel God sitting on my shoulders.
  11. However, when I feel too tired to hum, I listen to God’s sounds or music and visualize Him on my shoulders by visualizing these sounds, which I am hearing, going from the playing device and touching God’s form on my shoulders, instead of my humming voice doing the same as described in 3. Sometimes I just visualize God sitting on my shoulders in silence too. The qualities and activities of God gradually unfold from this constant visualizing meditation of God’s form sitting on one’s shoulders, especially if it is boosted by the power of humming, hearing, or silence. And eventually, one sees God face to face in infinite bliss by this simple practice. Because God is always kind and loving to quickly manifest before us in His full splendor in whichever way we visualize Him.
  12. I practice this plain humming with the visualization of God sitting on my shoulders anywhere, anytime; as I sit, stand, walk, meet, recline, lie down (visualizing my head on God’s lap in the case of lying down), etc. It is my 24/7 source of instant perennial bliss, love, peace, and prosperity.

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